DTH LMS (Encryption Software)
AES 256 Bit Encryption
Modes of Play:
Online, PenDrive, Ofline
Andriod, Windows, Mac
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DTH LMS Video Encryption Software

Video Encryption Software is extremely important to anyone who wants to keep their video private. If someone wants to protect their respective video from being stolen or viewed by some unauthorized person then you need Video Encryption Software. For example, if there is some teacher who has private content that he only wants to share with the authorized students then you need Video Encryption Software so that the video uploaded by the teacher remains exclusive, videos should be there for the internal team and subscribers only and not for some unauthorized person. And this is when DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH comes to the rescue. DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH works with taking all the possible security measures to keep the videos as secure as possible. Although anyone can use the software DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH as it gives the best possible service in the video encryption process. Data theft, unauthorized sharing, data breaches, have become common nowadays to anyone who is doing any kind of business, teaching online, creating content, etc. To survive this viciously competitive world you need to depend on Video Encryption Software like DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH to keep your information of the company secure and safe. To protect your corporate information encrypting your videos is one of the ways. Once the video is encrypted from any Video Encryption Software like DTH LMS Video Encryption Software the information can be shared safely with staff, prospects, partners, and customers.


While Encryption prevails to manipulating or masking the data, protection of some data means protecting the file through container formats, passwords, codecs, etc. so that the other especially the unauthorized person cannot access the data or the file. But to get high-class security, you can for both protection and security that will be the best way to protect your content. If we use the word encryption, it generally means encoding, protection, encryption, or all of these in various proportions. Therefore, in this context encryption means to protect someone’s data in every single possible way. Software like DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH can do this kind of protection in a very easy way.

The process to keep your video secure from spying eyes is known as Video Encryption. The reason that people encrypt their videos is mainly divided in two ways, the first is Personal Encryption and the second is DRM (Data Rights Management).

As the name suggests, Personal Encryption means it is used for personal privacy. For example, if someone makes a video and they only want to share it with their customers, friends, family, etc. but at the same time, they don’t want it to be shared with unauthorized people.

The work of Digital Rights Management is also the same but it involves a small number of extra complexities. This deals with quantitative and qualitative video streams for different price segments. Region-centric, Software-centric, Device or Media-centric, and adaptive streaming also take place.

If we talk about Personal Encryption everyone is blocked out except the intended recipient. But DRM blocks people out permanently or temporarily. It blocks them on a given set of conditions and without human help.

If someone is ready to spend money good money, they can choose quantitative and qualitative video streams for various prices. They can easily get 4k. But if someone does not want to spend money then they have to settle for SD. The price directly impacts the resolution of the video you want to see. Thus, the more you pat, the better quality you get.

If someone wants their video to be in some particular region and you do not want other countries or regions to see your videos then you can go for a Region-Centric video. There can be various reasons to use this like you could be barred by law or you do not want to expand your market, etc. then this method takes place.

Device or media-centric is done to moderate your video files from playing on those devices that do not support it. You can create a media file that is only supposed to play on a particular device and those who will not conform to the device will be unable to play it.

Software centric videos demand a small license fee to play videos. If the license fee is not paid, the video will not be played.

There is another term called adaptive streaming which helps the video to dynamically adapt the bit-rate, resolution, etc. depending on the internet speed or some other factor.


Because of the multiple devices, people have in their pockets nowadays, you have to use different types of methods of encryptions to protect your videos. There is a chance that what is encrypted today can be decrypted tomorrow by some unauthorized person. Hence you need a software that is trusted widely like DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH. Thus, to encrypt your problem and get over the problem you have to use larger bit depths. The Cost of the software can vary but DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH will give you the best service at a very affordable price. Technology is changing rapidly, the encryption of some videos can get outdated after two or three years. For this reason, re-encoding the content is very important. You are bound to the software whose license you buy. Still, there is a chance it can get hacked or some new option comes to the market then you will have to start from scratch.


At first, in standard encryption, the videos are encoded which is stored securely in a server. Everyone is not allowed access to the video. If someone wants to get access to the video then they have to log in to the server with a password and a verified e-mail account. The video is transmitted through a secured pathway by following this process to the viewer’s computer that he can watch on the apps like DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH . which decrypt the video. The app does not allow unauthorized access or record the video from any unknown source.