Pendrive Classes Software
AES 256 Bit Encryption
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Online, PenDrive, Ofline
Andriod, Windows, Mac
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Pendrive Classes Software

anyone who wants to keep their video private. If someone wants to protect their respective video from being stolen or viewed by some unauthorized person then you need Pendrive Classes Software. For example, if there is some teacher who has private content that he only wants to share with the authorized students then you need Pendrive Classes Software so that the video uploaded by the teacher remains exclusive, videos should be there for the internal team and subscribers only and not for some unauthorized person. And this is when DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH comes to the rescue. DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH works with taking all the possible security measures to keep the videos as secure as possible. Although anyone can use the software DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH as it gives the best possible service in the video encryption process. Data theft, unauthorized sharing, data breaches, have become common nowadays to anyone who is doing any kind of business, teaching online, creating content, etc. To survive this viciously competitive world you need to depend on Pendrive Classes Software like DTH LMS SOLUTION INFOTECH to keep your information of the company secure and safe. To protect your corporate information encrypting your videos is one of the ways. Once the video is encrypted from any Pendrive Classes Software like Pendrive Classes Software the information can be shared safely with staff, prospects, partners, and customers.

Pendrive Classes Software

Pendrive Classes Software

Pattern of study or job has changed in recent times. People have very limited time to attend regular class in institutes for C. A , CS ,CMS course or other courses due to their work commitments. But they have to complete the study must. To know their situation, Solutions info tech. in a Kolkata based company has launched pen drive classes software. Through this software, teacher, professor can send their lectures, home tasks to the desired students. But due to digitization, numbers of piracy are increasing day by day. To prevent these problems, users must take help from such professionals who not only prevent, also help to increase the number of target audience. And Solutions info tech. in is just doing the same.

Main motto of this company is to provide Customized IT solutions for education sector and business sector. Recently this company starts work with Hewlett Packard, Microsoft together. Teachers, professors can depend on this pen drive classes software without any hesitation. They launched some other software like video lock software, Pendrive Classes Software, video protection software etc. Apart from that, this company provides solutions for Web application development, site hosting, network or server installation etc. They want to prevent piracy, hacking always.

What is pen drive classes software?

Through pen drive class, teachers can provide live lectures, class notes for those who are not able to attend regular class. But teachers need to monitor how many students are using their pen drive class. They need protection to maintain the authenticity. So if they start using pen drive classes software, then they will be able to protect video contents and monitor number of target audience, number of viewing etc.

What are the specialties in pen drive classes software of Solutions info tech. in?
  • Teachers will be able to monitor number of viewers, their geographical location, timing, how many time they are playing their lecture video from pen drive, downloading time etc.
  • Teachers can restrict the number of viewers through this pen drive classes software. They can control the number of viewer of each file too.
  • Through this software, teachers will made such type of videos which will be played in all type of media players. But users can use only one device only to watch this video. It is safe for the teachers and users both. But the users have to be confirmed about hard drive storage capacity. It should have 4 GB RAM.
  • Users need to manage 50% space in c drive.
  • Protection of video is unquestionable.
  • Each and every video will have separate password.
  • Technicians are active for 24x7 hours.
  • Technicians provide training for those who are not able to understand how to use this software.
  • Technicians will teach how to avoid piracy.