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DTH LMS - the best Video encryption software | Video encryption software for Android, Windows

What is DTH LMS Video encryption software?
Solution Infotech has launched an online app named DTH LMS, which is a notable video encryption software. It uses state-of-the-art technology to provide online education to students in this prevailing pandemic condition. DTH LMS, a renowned video encryption software. is well-equipped with enhanced features to ease students' learning and to improve communication between teachers and students.

Functionality of DTH LMS :-
DTH LMS assists teachers in creating their own courses, subjects and batches. The teacher records a particular lecture in a certain environment. If the environment or background is not likeable, DTH LMS facilitates to setup a chroma based live environment instead of the original background or environment.
The video lecture is first encrypted in the video encryption software of DTH LMS, with the help of DTH encryptor. Encryption is the process of protecting a video content from unauthorized access. The video undergoes compression following encryption. Compression means shortening the video length without compromising on quality. After compression, the video is uploaded using DTH encryptor.
The app also helps teachers in setting up the fees of students.
When a particular student wants to enroll for any course of a particular teacher, the teacher can assign that student manually or by linking API with the website, after the student makes payment through the payment gateway integration.
DTH LMS provides the teacher with the option to block any student, suspend any student, transfer his or her batch, augment his or her validity video wise or coursewise, view attendance, schedule exams, test series, mcq, provide study materials and add role based staff management.

Features of DTH LMS Video encryption software :-
  • ● Security - DTH LMS renders the best Video encryption software compared to other LMSs in current market. Screen snapshot or grabbing or recording or capturing the video is disabled.
  • Anti-theft mechanism is enforced in the app. Watermark is present in all the videos to catch any student if he or she tries to copy that video for sharing with any other student.
  • ● Supporting OS - The video lectures can be played on devices which supports Windows, Mac, IOS and Android.
  • ● Devices of Play - DTH LMS is a cross platform encryption player. The video lectures can be played in laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets.
  • The teacher can alter views, expiry and number or type of devices allowed through the video encryption software of DTH LMS.
  • ● Modes of Play - There are various ways by which a teacher can provide classes to his or her student. The teacher can conduct live classes or provide classes through google drive or pendrive.
  • To watch the downloaded video lectures in google drive, the student needs to be online, whereas pendrive classes can be conducted both online and offline. Thereby, DTH LMS provides both internal or external download facility.
  • ● DTH Player features - The video lectures are of HD quality with speed play and time jump option.
  • ● Live classes - The video encryption software of DTH LMS facilitates doubt clearance. If a teacher conducts classes through live streaming, the student can clear his or her doubt either face to face or by raising his or her hand.
  • If a student opts for pendrive or google drive classes, he or she can clear the doubt through real time chat.
  • ● Backup classes - The teacher can share streaming videos like youtube after setting their expiry. A student can freely share those streamed videos with unlimited number of other students.
  • ● Study material - Study material is provided to students along with video lectures in the form of pdf.
  • Pdf is available videowise or subjectwise and is protected. The student can even make his or her own tags or notes while watching the video lectures.
  • ● Test and Assignments - The teacher can conduct tests either in the form of written exams or MCQs. He or she can set news alert reminder for students in order to remind them of the exam date and time .
  • Teachers can also offer coupon codes for courses and make it known to students by displaying it on advertising banners. If a teacher initiates a new course besides his or her regular course, he or she can display it on the advertising banner for students to see it.
  • ● New and Alert - The student can receive notifications through app alerts.
  • ● Fees - The teacher can set up monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly fees structure for students while also setting its due date.
  • ● Tech Support - DTH LMS provides tech support to students through chat, helpline, email or whatsapp.
  • ● Branding - White Labelling feature is enabled to promote teacher's branding.
  • ● Management - With the help of video encryption software of DTH LMS, a teacher can manage his or her students' fees and attendance, while also assigning role based staff for carrying out different tasks.
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